Importance of Drunk Driving Attorney

As we all know that Driving under the Influence accuse in California can give you an undesired headache. The moment you are charged and arrested with a DUI offence, one should not waste his time and start looking a good DUI firm or in general a good DUI Lawyer by which he can get release of penalties. According to the laws made in U.S.A and in especially California, a DUI offense bears strict penalties.

In traditional it is very dangerous to drink while driving a vehicle. Every law had prohibited from this. But many of us take this act lightly and meet some very severe accident. This can cause a loss of life to driver and passengers of the vehicle. Drunk driving is a very serious offense and a harsh law has been drafted to stop this. In traditional, young people are getting involved in most in this type of offence. And so they need some good guidelines from their family so that these types of incidents may be decreased. But in spite of all these steps and measures, there is still a huge growth in these types of incidents and more and more are been punished.

The penalties and punishments change from the kind of offense and also from first Dui offense to the second and the third and so on. For the very first DUI offense, the driving license may be suspended for a period of 6 months and offender has to stay in prison for 48 hours and this is mandatory. Addition to this, you will also have a probation period of 3 to 5 years, which states that you cannot drink and drive at all during this time period. The fine and the court fees can be anywhere up to $ 1800. The duration of your DUI schooling depends on your Blood Alcohol Level constituent. Here DUI Attorney plays a vital role because he can also help you out to decrease your timing of DUI School.

In the same way, on the second Dui offense, your probation period will be up to 5 years in between which you cannot drink and drive at all. And your driving license will be suspended for 2 years. There is a compulsory jail time of 96 hours but instead of this, he can help you to convert it to work service. Like this, on the third offense you will have a formal probation period of 3 to 5 years. On the third DUI offense you may have to report to a Probation officer regularly. All this can be mainly depends on your lawyer, what he has to say to defend you.

So, there is need of a god DUI Attorney because he will advise and suggest you about your rights and will suggest preventive measure so that your license will not get suspended. He will do all possible things and also do a separate investigation from his side to collect evidences to defend you. A well experienced DUI lawyer will thoroughly go through all the police reports, study the statements of the eye witnesses and also listen to what you have to say regarding the events of that day. There are too many procedures involved in a particular DUI case. If the results of the different tests do not come to the same conclusion, then your case can be defended. The Drunk Driving attorneys have a good ability about these issues which can help in defending your case and hence finally saves you.

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