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Toronto Lawyer Remy Boghossian. Remy G.Boghossian Legal Professional Corporation was established in 2005; the result of Remy Boghossian’s desire to offer corporate clients access to the best possible legal representation through an approach to the practice of law that remains client-centred and natural. Doing away with Bay Street-style pretence and ensuring the highest possible professional standards is Remy’s aspiration and hallmark. To put it another way, it is Legal Excellence. made simple.

After years of practicing law at one of downtown Toronto’s leading law firms and then at a small mid-town firm, Remy Boghossian came to realize that business clients need a legal experience that bridges these two worlds. Remy successfully modeled a law firm that maintains the highest level of legal representation while ensuring a relational and personal approach to the practice of law.

Our pursuit of perfection and exacting standards is apparent from the moment one walks into our modern and fully equipped offices right up to the delivery of our comprehensive legal services. Yet all of this is achieved without losing touch with the single most important aspect of our practice – a relationship centred around the client.

We hope you will visit our website , We trust you will enjoy your experience and learn some things about our firm and our approach to the practice of law.

Remy Boghossian Legal is a full service Business Law practice.

Remy Boghossian, together with a select team of highly skilled practitioners in their respective fields of law, provides clients with top tier service in the following areas of practice:
Corporate Law
Commercial Law
Banking and Finance
Commercial Leasing
Employment Law
Franchise Law
Technology Licencing and Distribution
Entertainment Law
Corporate and Tax Reorganizations
Dispute Resolution

From simple incorporations to complex mergers and acquisitions and corporate reorganizations, Boghossian Legal has the experience and depth of understanding to provide outstanding service and representation.

For further information, or to arrange for a consultation, please contact:

Remy G. Boghossian
Tel: 416-424-6604

Remy Boghossian and Remy G Boghossian

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