Simon G Rings: A Heirloom Of Classiness And Perfection

Simon G. engagement and wedding rings are products of excellent craftsmanship yielded with history of perfection. A product of a great mind and also a keen attention to details by Simon Ghanimian, its diamond set collection has become a trendsetter in the jewelry industry. Simon G rings and jewelry, from being a family owned and operated business, has turned into a big name and has flourished over time.

Simon G. hailed from Beirut, Lebanon and had created an American dream when his family has decided to migrate to the United States. As a child, Simon G. has developed his love for gems especially diamonds and had researched on jewelry crafting. His burning passion, attention to details and outstanding workmanship had been his keys to the success of the jewelry business. Simon Ghanimian had once said, “Great jewelry is an investment and that’s why I start with only the most treasured stones. I am very sensitive to the needs of the buyer and attribute my success to my capability to give customers with the best value as well as quality.” Simon G. rings are the product of his unfailing commitment to quality and to his customers.

You may wonder why it’s called Simon G rings It was just simple. It dated back when Ghanimian was registering his new business. His name will not fit in the registration form hence the cashier in the city hall of Los Angeles recommended making it just Simon G. to fit it in. For over 20 years now, Simon G. has emerged as among the foremost jewelry designers in the world. Together with his wife Silvia, Simon G. has introduced trendsetters in the jewelry market. Toughness and style are cautiously considered to meet customer needs and also satisfaction with the Simon G rings they make.

Simon G rings are made today by 60 skilled individuals. From the scratchpad to the final product, ring concept designs go a long way before the market. From design on paper, it’s turned into a 3D model to intricately study the minor as well as major details. In this way, the actual ring could be visualised and all aspects can be evaluated. As the rings are conceptualised, they go through almost ten human hand quality controls to ensure that each piece is crafted perfectly. When flaws are discovered, the product goes back to the previous step to correct and also polish. A series of rigid quality control steps ensure that the prized finished product in the market has been hand made to perfection.

The metals utilized in creating of rings are a combination of alloys of platinum, palladium, indium and also gold. Simon G. makes use of his own metals as well as uses only natural coloured diamonds to affect magical elegance to the rings. For each detail, from the beadwork to the engravings, these prized rings standout from other brands.

Every piece of Simon G. jewelry is made intricately, giving a boastful pride to any diamond set/ring owner. Simon G rings are really a heirloom of perfection and also elegance.

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