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Benefits of Biogas electricity October 27, 2014

Here is a short article of why I think the future belongs to clean, non-polluting technologies for energy production. I believe we are all responsible for keeping our planet clean, especially since we can do so many things already, if we would put in the effort.

Biogas is slowly gaining popularity as people get to learn on the benefits of switching to this mode of energy production. In most of the developing countries, there is still a lot of dependence on wood, charcoal and biomass. The population has been increasing on a faster rate and this means more ways have to be invented in order to provide sufficient energy for both rural and urban dwellers. The reliance on charcoal has caused detrimental effect in form of deforestation. It has also been the main cause of the green house effect as well as pollution that can adversely affect the health of the individuals.

The invention of biogas has been a major relief in so many ways. This system has enabled the small scale farmers to be able to get enough manure and energy as well. It is also possible to fit the biogas system with a pit latrine for the main purpose of hygiene. The biogas normally consists of a large tank in which the bacteria work in a way that will convert the organic wastes into methane. The whole process is known as anaerobic digestion. This is actually what leads to the production of gas. The operator of the biogas should be keen on feeding the bacteria through the adding of more waste products from the kitchen and also the waste products from the livestock. There are many “do it yourself” home kits and plans for creating your own biogas production facility like the review of liberty generator that is being used by many people successfully.

The main aim of methane gas is usually to help in the process of cooking and other needs such as lighting. When the waste has been fully digested it can also form the best organic fertilizer which can be used for the agricultural purposes. Through the use of biogas, there has been a visible positive impact because it has slowed down the rate of deforestation; the green house emissions have also been contained. The reliance on kerosene has reduced to greater extend and this means the trade balance has been sustained which is a good move for the economic stability of the country.

The biogas energy can be used for a number of roles such as cooking, lighting and fertilizer at the same time. The general hygienic conditions in the compound are improved and it is harmless to the dwellers since there are no toxins that are produced in the whole process. Cooking with biogas is easy and fast. Biogas is a renewable form of energy and this means the user will never run out of it. There are no cases of pollution, and also creates reduction of landfills since the waste products can be filled in the digester for the production of more energy. This is the cheapest means of technology that can be maintained by anyone in the rural area. You can find out more about biogas generator DIY plans on various sites.

Below is an interesting video showing how people in Cambodia are using the same method to make their lives easier.

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