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What is an ebook? how is it different to a paper book?

In the simplest of terms, an e-book is simply an electronic version of a book. Rather than printed on paper, the e-book is completely digital and designed to be read on a computer or an e-book reader. Unlike Web sites and other digital documents, an e-book is formatted with pages, chapters, indexes and even glossaries [...]

Buying ebooks. What is the best way to buy ebooks?

What is the best awy to buy ebooks? this is a question i wish i had the answer to when i first got my kindle ereader, after a month or so of buying ebooks from amazon on an individual basis at $5-$10 per ebook i got very fustrated that i was paying the same for [...]

Buy ebooks the cheap way. How to buy ebooks

How to buy cheap ebooks is something i am often asked, i own both the kindle and ipad and was constantly fustrated trying to find places to buy ebooks without paying $10 to $15 a time for a digital version of an ebook without having the physical book which would cost the same price. I [...]

Best way to get Ipad 2 Ebooks? How i download ebooks for the Ipad 2

I brought the Ipad 2 a few days ago and i am very impressed with it as both a replacement for my laptop in terms of internet surfing and as a ereader to replace my old hardback book collection. The Ipad 2 is a very sleek design and is bursting with features including new cameras [...]