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Preventing a Yeast Infection April 9, 2015

woman suffering yeast infectionA vagina gets an infection when it is not given proper care. The most common type of infection experienced by women is the yeast infection. At least seventy-five percent of women experience one vaginal-yeast infection in their lives. More than half of these women are susceptible to the infection more than once.

Yeast infections are caused by fungi named candida albicans. You’ll find it in the vagina on normal days. It is also found in the mouth or the digestive tract. Its dormant state is quite harmless. However, these fungi can start overgrowing under specific conditions.

The first symptom of a vaginal yeast infection is itching. This is experienced around the vaginal area. There also could be a never-ending burning sensation. Sometimes the vaginal area feels sore and painful when peeing and women may note thick, discharge that is white. This infection is not necessarily an STD, but in some cases, women may infect men with it, resulting in an itchy rash on the man’s penis.

It is important to visit a doctor for confirmation and treatment. Most women end up at the pharmacy seeking to buy over-the-counter meds to treat yeast infection. This happens when women experience the symptoms of yeast infection and assume they have it. The problem is they might not have yeast infection but something else instead. When they self-medicate for the wrong thing, it leads to serious consequences.

Douching is the most common method of self-treatment. Women who douche are placing themselves at risk. Doctors insist that women should stop douching. This practice ruins the pH balance needed in the vagina to keep off infections. Doctors urge women to wash only the external part of the vagina using warm water and good mild soap. There are organisms in the vagina that are meant to help prevent infections and inflammation by fungi or bad bacteria. Douching removes these organisms leaving a woman susceptible to infections.

Other practices like using certain oils or moisturizers can have a negative effect as well. There is a question, how to use v tight gel without side effects, but this is a question for another article. It is good to know that these types of products can have certain side effects that you should be conscious of.

To prevent yeast infections, women should do their best to wear clean undergarments made from fabrics that are cool and dry. The best fabric for this is cotton, instead of synthetic fabrics. Cotton allows the skin to breath, and no sweat is trapped. It is best to keep away scented feminine sprays, soaps and pads because the chemicals used for fragrances add to the risk of infection. To keep proper hygiene, during a period, a woman should change her tampons and/or pads often. In case a woman is in wet clothes, changing them for dry ones is best to reduce dampness. Women should also stop choosing overly tight panties, jeans or pantyhose to avoid chafing and negative friction.

General health is important, and it is best achieved by having a healthy lifestyle. Yeast infections can turn serious, so it is recommended women should visit a doctor for treatment.

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